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How to Make a Branded Flower Wall

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Flower walls in general are so much fun for weddings, showers, parties, or really just life. (Who needs an excuse to make things more beautiful?)

I'll explain how to make the one my husband and I made above and the lessons we learned along the way. (You'll definitely need another pair of helping hands, so grab a friend, loved one, or person off the street before you get started!)

You will need:


Floral wall



Logo Placement Key (DON'T throw out!)


A drill

Large Clamps

Wire cutters

I purchased my wall & stand from Efavormart online (not sponsored) because they were relatively inexpensive. I got:

Then, I watched this helpful video to get the basics of assembly down:

One thing we learned during assembly was that the links on the panels from Efavormart require extra support.

Our dimensions were bigger than the example wall, so our wall was heavier.

The easy workaround was to buy a pack of zip ties from Amazon. We already had some around the house to use.

Here's what the wall looked like as we put together in our home. Started by assembling panels on the floor and then hoisting it on the top bar.

It also helps to watch the office while putting it together. (Brought to you by Vance Refrigeration)

Once the wall is put together, the tricky part is getting an acrylic logo attached to it.

I ordered ours from Fast Signs. They're all over the place. Our logo was about 2x4 ft and cost $247. Now that we've done it, I would recommend going much smaller (Like 1 1/2 feet long) so that people can easily stand in front without blocking it.

Our logo came in individual pieces (yikes!). I'm sure there are other options, but we really wanted to make sure the piece holding the logo together was transparent.

We went to Lowes (to make it a true DIY experience) and bought a large sheet of plexiglass. The store employees will cut it into strips for you. (Note: They will not do this at Home Depot. Only Lowes. We tried both.)

We chose two strips and drilled a hole in the upper left and right corner.

The logo came with adhesive strips on the back and a placement key (A big piece of paper with the outline of the logo to show you exactly where the pieces go).

We wanted to be extra careful so we added even more adhesive strips.

We spread out the placement key on the floor, then put down two strips of plexiglass across both parts of the logo. Then, we removed the backing on the adhesive, lined up each individual piece to match the key, and then stuck them on the plexiglass.

Once our logo was ready to go, we were able to pack everything up to take to our event venue. The wall folds up easily and we stored the logo within the flower wall as a cushion during transport.

Item Checklist:

  • Zipties

  • Floral wall

  • Stand

  • Logo

  • Logo Placement Key (DON'T throw out!)

  • String

  • Clamps

  • Wire cutters

At the venue, we set up the final product.

  1. Set up the stand (Elongate legs of stand like a typical camera stand. Put the top bar together separately and pop into the top of the legs) (Reference the video above)

  2. Have someone hold the wall in place to clamp it, then zip tie the top portion of netting to the top bar. Cut zip shorter ties as-needed using the wire cutters.

  3. Tie a string to the each hole in the plexiglass (one on each side). Keep them long.

  4. Have person #2 stand on the flower side of the wall and hold the placement key and the logo to position it on the wall. (In our case it was two pieces, so we did each piece one at a time.)

  5. Once the positioning is as desired, string the logo through the flower wall netting so that the string goes from the front of the wall, through to the back. Tie it to the netting or to the top bar to secure it.

When you're done, the final product will look like this:

Yay! It's a lot of work, but it's so worth it. It's incredibly Instagrammable and ensures that your logo will pop up all over the place on social media the day of your event.

Please comment or share this if you found it helpful or inspiring. The feedback is SO helpful. @Scastdesign

Let me know how it goes if you try this one at home!

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